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12oz. can

Barn Burner Saison

The year was 1988, and Eric Warner had just completed his 2nd semester at brewing school in Munich. Invited by some buddies to head to Belgium, Eric jumped at the opportunity. They stopped in a small town and were invited to a party by some locals. It ended up being a good, old-fashioned barnburner. The night was hot, the music was loud, and the brew...Saison. Effervescent and golden, with a hint of citrus and spice, these brews fueled the party to the break of dawn. So crack open a Barn Burner and let's burn this mutha down.

O.G.: 15.5 Plato


A.B.V.: 6.5%

Malts: 2 row pale, Wheat

Hops: Tettnag, Spalt, Saphir, Hallertauer

Extras: Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon Peels with Coriander

Availability: February-April